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November 02, 2009


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Steve Imparl

This is a great point. The problem is compounded because one cannot always detect the strange characters that have been pasted into the subject line until the (somewhat embarrassingly-appearing) e-mail is sent.

I don't know the technical reason, but it seems that some "message preview" features in e-mailing software are slightly more forgiving about ignoring strange characters than the software components that prepare and send the final message.

The few extra seconds required to type the text of the subject line yield a cleaner, easier-to-read, and more professional-looking message.

Neil J. Squillante

I don't recommend typing as you may misspell a word. Instead, create your copy, including the subject, in a text editor with live spell checking. A text editor provides you with the benefits of a word processor without having to worry about non-ASCII characters.

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