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May 06, 2008


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Lisa Solomon

Myers' post does not give sufficient information to allow anyone else to determine whether his conclusion is warranted.

The only thing he tells the reader is what his keyword was. He doesn't even give us the text of the ad. Perhaps if the ad said something like

San Francisco Estate Planner
Specializing in estates $1M and up
Avoid Estate Taxes

He would be getting the types of inquiries he is interested in. Fewer click-throughs, but higher quality prospects.

Also, what did his landing page look like? Was he capturing names with an offer of a free report or whitepaper? Did he have any type of offer on the landing page? If the answer to these questions is "no," he was pretty much wasting his money.

Joshua Fruchter

Good points, Lisa. The text of the ad displayed on Google is critical to attracting appropriate leads, and an effective landing page is critical to converting those leads. See our blog posts in the "Landing Pages" category for some landing page "best practices."


I don't understand the following part of your post.

"On the other hand, we have one client - a major California firm - that seems to have had success with Google Adwords since the ads are still running after several years."

Why "seems to have had success"? If they're your client why not contact them to see whether they in fact have had success (as opposed to just leaving the ad in there out of inertia or firm bureaucracy). That way you could provide us with some specifics such as ROI, click through rates etc, even without providing any identifying or proprietary info that your client doesn't want revealed

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